What: Review.me's goal is to build connections among Detroiters to increase employability land more jobs!

Why: Job seekers in your area have shown success in obtaining job interviews, though many do not land these jobs and don’t understand why. You have expressed a need to connect to people who are able to provide honest and constructive interview and resume feedback, and to those willing to share who’s hiring in your area.

Research: Review-me.us is run by the Social Innovations Group, an interdisciplinary research group at the University of Michigan’s School of Information. By using Review-me, you are contributing to broader research to help us understand how to build better tools to support networking and connecting across diverse groups.

Our Motivation: We are an interdisciplinary group of individuals who live to design and build technologies to solve real-world problems. Check out our team and latest work at socialinnovations.us.

Help Us:

Become a mentor: If you wish to volunteer and provide feedback on interviews and resumes, sign up on our main page to become a mentor. Our job seekers are especially looking for feedback from people who are currently employed or who have been employed and willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Sponsors: This work is partially sponsored by the University of Michigan’s School of Information and the National Science Foundation EAGER grant CNS-1352915. If you are interested in providing additional support or sponsorship, please contact us at ICTResearch@umich.edu.

Supported Browsers:

In general Review-me supports the most recent versions of the browsers listed in the table below. Review-me has been tested on the most recent versions of these browsers.

Browser Version Supported
Google Chrome Versions 43, 44
Internet Explorer Versions 9, 10
Firefox N/A
Safari Versions 7, 8

Supported Devices:

Review-me was built to have a responsive web design and should work well across all mobile devices including tablets.